Motorcycle Apparel CE Certification Services

Across the European Union, requirements for CE certification of motorcycle clothing, gloves, footwear and helmets continues to grow. As of the 21st April 2018, new EU regulations come in to force requiring motorcycle jackets to pass CE testing and be marked as CE. For many brands that sell motorcycle clothing in Europe, this means additional work, time and cost during the product development process.

Fuelled Apparel can offer expertise and services to support brands more efficiently manage the CE approval process. We have experience in managing the approval process for several product categories, including motorcycle gloves, boots, helmets and eyewear and are ready to support brands with CE approval for jackets when it comes in to force.

The services we offer includes:
Identifying any potential immediate failure issues with the material, design and construction of the garment
Generation of technical files for test submission
Monitor test progress and status
Test results and report analysis
Generation of conformity documentation
Generation of CE certification
Arrangement of CE labelling and booklet artwork

For more details of the CE certification services that Fuelled Apparel can offer, please contact Mark Boswell (

Motorcycle Jacket CE certification

CE Certified Motorcycle Jackets

CE Certified motorcycle footwear

CE Certified Motorcycle Footwear

CE Certified riding eyewear

CE Certified Motorcycle Eyewear

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