Fuelled Apparel launch Indian Motorcycle 1901 Fashion Brand

Fuelled Apparel launched the Indian Motorcycle 1901 fashion line at Liberty Fairs New York City on Sunday 10th July. This range will be sold via premium department stores and specialist retailers across North America with the first styles delivering to retail in November 2016 followed by a second delivery for Spring ’17.

Liberty Fairs proved to be the perfect showcase for this first collection of graphic tees, showcasing the range to buyers from across the country.

Fuelled Apparel are managing the project on behalf of Polaris Industries, owners of the Indian Motorcycle brand. Having developed the strategy for Indian Motorcycle 1901, Fuelled Apparel manage the product design, development, logistics, merchandising, marketing and sales and will shortly open their New York office where the business will operate.

Starting with a strong line-up of distinctive graphic tees, the Indian Motorcycle 1901 collection will quickly expand to more fashion categories for both men and women.

More detail about Indian Motorcycle 1901 can be found at www.indianmotorcycle1901.com or via the Instagram page @indianmotorcycle1901.

Indian 1901 display at Liberty Fairs New York

Indian 1901 display at Liberty Fairs New York

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